Day 208: Desteni I Process Assisted Me to Overcome my Fear of Studying

I’m writing this post because I stand by my statement that Desteni is in no way, shape or form a scam, cult, or deceptive scheme, and I can back up this statement with real research and real results achieved through applying the tools shared at Desteni.

When I made this video in 2011, sharing perspective on how to enjoy studying, I was enrolled in college courses which I did online. I had previously had massive resistances and fears around studying and school, because of past experiences in middle school and high school where I experienced myself as inadequate and had formed ideas about myself like ‘I’m not academic enough’, and ‘this is stupid and hard’ — when in fact the only reason I resorted to such reactions and ideas is because I wasn’t effectively prepared for the curriculum but did not realize that, and at that stage was not aware of the practical tools of self honesty and self forgiveness and practical self correction to support myself within my situation — I simply accepted my reactions because, that’s the example I’ve seen in the world as I grew up — the example set by others in my world that, reactions are who you are, emotions and feelings are who you are.

Before I began applying the tools shared in Desteni, I had simply accepted my relationship to school / studying and when I left high school I virtually did not participate in any form of education and worked the easiest jobs I could find – the ones that required the least amount of effort and learning because — when I was faced with a point of studying information / learning something new, fears and inadequacy and resistance would come up and I would want to get away from that experience — which resulted in me making decisions that supported me to remain rather limited in terms of my job skills. I also only read books and websites for entertainment purposes — I had no initiative whatsoever to learn about how the world works, or how to develop better job skills for example because I had connected all kinds of negative value associations to those points. Specifically, I had defined words like Studying, and Discipline, and Effort, and Deadlines, and Responsibilities, and Assignments, and Teachers, and Classrooms in relation to particular memories in which I had in the past experienced reactions of inadequacy and inferiority and frustration and confusion, and at that stage before I started studying and applying the Desteni Tools, I believed I must be directed by such experiences because that’s apparently ‘who I am’. Ironically, all this negativity toward practical skills and learning and real-world responsibilities was one of the primary points that caused me to be greatly attracted to Spirituality because Spirituality was telling me — you don’t have to know how things work, everything is perfect, the universe will send you abundance, all you have to do is be positive and imagine yourself having money and success, and focus on feelings of love and fill yourself with light and everything you desire will come to you’, lol. So – in fact my entire participation within Spirituality and Positivity was actually based on Negativity — on Fears which I suppressed through Imagination and Feel-Good make believe in my mind, and I at that stage would have been totally unwilling to enroll in college and study for a degree, or expand my practical job skills – but, I was able to justify such resistance / unwillingness through the belief that I have a ‘different purpose’ which is to apparently be a ‘lightworker’ and that my ‘real job’ is to just ‘be positive and filled with love’ and ‘send everyone love and light’ and that through practicing this, opportunities will open up for me and money will come my way. So I was completely delusional because I did not understand the basic functionality of this reality we’re in which is that — I’m in a system and money moves through business and unless you have specific skills and understanding and connections — you’re going to be very limited. I understood nothing about business and actually believed that if I just focus enough on my desires and on ‘feeling like I’m rich’, money will somehow just ‘come my way’ – whereas, if you actually study the lives of those who are wealthy, you will see their money did not just ‘manifest’ — there was actual work involved, actual skills involved, actual participation within the system involved. But because of my fears and resistances toward education and learning job skills, I bought into the Spiritual message, looking for an ‘easy way’ when — in reality there is no ‘easy way’ in this world. If there was, half the world would not be in poverty.

Read more about my Spiritual Awakening experience here:

Day 39: Deconstructing my Spiritual Awakening

So, back to the video I posted at the beginning of this post. So when I made the video I was *gasp* enrolled in online college courses, and this is after I’d been applying the Desteni Tools consistently for over 3 years, and specifically had been applying the methods I learned within the Desteni I Process course for over a year, where I had at that stage proven to myself that I am able to deconstruct things like fears, resistances, memories, and see when / where / how I accept and allow such experiences to influence my decision making, and had walked a process of Self Forgiveness in writing where I deconstructed my experience in relation to school and studying, and through Self Forgiveness and writing our Self Corrective Statements I was able to release myself from my previous resistances and fears around school and studying, around words like Discipline, and Study, and Homework, and Deadlines, through removing the Reactive / Emotional charge from the word and re-aligning the word with an actual practical supportive Definition based on actual Reality – realizing for example that studying is simply a practical process of vocabulary building and reading and writing until I get to a point where I’m ‘equal’ to the information, meaning – I actually understand the subject.
Once I realized / saw how it works in terms of studying simply being a process of walking the practical steps one by one consistently, I actually was able to change myself because what I experienced is that, now that I’ve removed the Reaction / Emotion from it — now that I’ve realigned my Definitions within a common sense practical understanding of how Studying works – I’m actually now able to Study! I’m able to keep myself focused and just Direct myself to do it because I realize — if I see myself going into a resistance or losing focus, I simply Breathe and bring myself back to actual Reality — back to the practical process of studying which I’ve clarified for myself. I now realize that studying is simply a matter of 1+1=2 — you walk the steps one by one, consistently, until you get the outcome which is — you understand the subject.

Within this I actually started to enjoy myself within studying, within the process of school, within the process of learning where in the past — it was the thing I hated the most. The point is that it wasn’t school / studying / learning that I didn’t like — it was the Reactions, the Emotions, the Memories that came up within me — that’s what I didn’t like.

So, I made this video to share my experience of how I was assisting myself with studying, because, the fascinating thing within this process of change is that — once I’ve changed, once I’ve walked the actual steps of the process of change around a particular point, for example studying – I’m able to then share with others how it works and — it’s from my direct experience / realization / results — and when you watch the video you’ll notice — it’s all about learning to work with practical reality — there’s no belief system required, and it’s not about following anyone, it’s about taking Self Responsibility. This is what so many people don’t grasp about Desteni because they fail to do proper research and fail to apply the tools – they end up believing Desteni is some kind of belief system or cult, when in fact, it’s simply tools available to anyone.

What I’ve found in my process of applying the Desteni tools and taking on these points with Self Forgiveness is that, I’ve actually gotten to know what my real Capacity is, what my real Potential is, and I now have the tools to assist myself in walking the practical steps to fulfilling my Potential.
For example I’m currently involved in an Education related business — something that, only a few years ago I would never have in my wildest dreams imagined myself being capable of doing — because at that stage I was completely directed by Reactions, by Fears, by Emotions, by Likes and Dislikes defined by memories of past events — where, my interests and my potential was limited to that which ensured I remain isolated from anything that would trigger a reaction or resistance — basically, I would have been doomed to a life of limitation in terms of my skill development and education.

Within my application of the Desteni tools, which is really just Human tools — I’ve been able to become a far more effective, educated person than I ever would have imagined myself becoming had I not been exposed to the support shared at Desteni. And, within this I’ve been able to focus on practical solutions for this world, solutions to support life, because I have become more effective in being able to use my time to study how the world works, and then look at myself / ourselves as humanity to see where / how we’re holding ourselves back / perpetuating an abusive system / preventing ourselves from actually Caring for each other because of fears and self ideas and definitions that are not aligned with what works best for all in practical reality.

And here, when you look at the comments from my video on Studying, which is directly the results of my application of the Desteni Tools — you can see, people get what I’m saying – and these are people who just found the video on YouTube through a search – they don’t have any experience with Desteni and yet they grasp what I’m saying and see how they can apply it in their own experience with studying because the fascinating thing is — our minds work the same way in terms of the designs of our experiences. One of the problems people have with Desteni is that, they don’t want to give up their opinion of how things work because that would mean they can no longer be ‘special’ and can no longer justify not caring about what goes on in the world – it would mean they would have to change themselves — and they don’t want to do that because are more concerned with the Cult of their own Opinion which keeps them isolated within a comfortable idea of reality, than with becoming a more effective Human Being and bringing about real change in the world.

The reality is, the mind functions a specific way and at Desteni we’ve now demonstrated through thousands of examples from people of different ages, cultures, education, upbringing who have applied the tools for themselves, that there is a definitive method that we can all apply, to assist and support ourselves to change our nature and become more effective, responsible beings, able to transcend our limitations and self interest, and realign ourselves with practical living in reality that will produce a world that is best for all, definitely proving that those who call Desteni a ‘scam’ or a ‘cult’ – are those who are simply not interested in a better world.

Thanks a lot! I was trying to study for the exam tomorrow. I got extremely bored and then I googled “how to enjoy studying” Well.. This video actually worked on me!
lol. hey I got a question for you. Do you have any tips on studying for long periods? When I study, I learn pretty effectively, but I can only do it for like 15 mins and then I take loooong breaks. I know kids that can study for 10 hours a day 7 days a week. I want to be able to do this, but I always end up getting distracted games, going out, movies, etc. 10/day might sound like overkill but I’m totally serious, I need to learn how to study for long periods to go to grad school.
Breathing is key. What I do when I need to finish a project but have a moment where I start thinking about other stuff I’d ‘rather be doing’, is to breathe – focus on my physical surroundings, bring myself HERE and stop participating in the thought. You can apply self forgiveness like ‘I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to make myself feel like I can’t study, because I allowed myself to think about other things instead of being here, breathing, and just studying’.
If this guy figured that out by himself he may be a guinius.
not by myself – through self-tools available to all, but I proved it works to myself through my own practical application
investigate desteni and read the destonian blog books on eqafe for thousands more practical examples from direct experience
Just finished a terrible study session, thanks for this, it will help tomorrow and for the rest of my degree
terrific, this has really helped me tonight. i hope to implement this capacity to override all the hindering emotions and focus on the efficiency of what is needed here and now. thanks for this.
Cool. I also suggest checking out the Journey to Life Blogs where we’re daily taking apart patterns such as the one in this video. You can find lots of links in the Journey to Life thread on the Desteni forum
That was it! That was all! That was all I had to do!!!! WTF!!!! You Sir are a Guinus!!!
that is amazing you helped me a lot thanks for posting, i will be doing this when studying for my junior cert/the exit exam
Insightful stuff. Glad I stumbled on this.

Desteni I Process Lite is a free online course:

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