Day 114: Creative Control In the Law of Attraction

The thing that is missed in Abraham-Hicks claim that we have no ‘creative control‘ over the lives of other people, in terms of looking at others who are suffering and wondering what we can do to help them, is that their definition of living and participating on earth is limited to an idea that the only way things happen / don’t happen on earth is through either being in ‘vibrational alignment’ with one’s desires, or not. And there’s this bizarre belief that everyone is in their own reality, and that we have absolutely no ability to interfere / intervene in someone else’s life – when in fact, this is completely false.

I mean, if we did not have the capability of intervening within other people’s lives / realities, then wouldn’t we have to each grow out own food, build our own cars, build our own houses, make our own clothes, be our own doctors and dentists, provide our own electricity? If other people had no creative control our lives, how is it that our parents taught us language? If other people had no creative control of our lives, how is it that we were able to receive care, food, education as children? How is it that Abraham-Hicks were able to publish books and make them available to other people? If we had no creative control of other people’s lives, how is it that the Abraham-Hicks message made its way into the minds of millions of people?

I’m not even going to go into any more examples because it is just so obviously delusional to claim that we do not have the ability to influence each other’s life experience on earth.

So why do Abraham-Hicks so vehemently try to convince their followers that they can do nothing to solve problems like poverty, starvation, a faulty economy, physical abuse?

In the video ‘The Biggest Missing Piece’, Abraham-Hicks tells a man that the reason he’s distressed by the suffering of so many people in the world who don’t appear to have any choice in what they’re experiencing, is because he’s giving too much ‘attention to detail’, in this ‘taking on the burden of the discomfort of so many’, and is suggested to focus on what he wants, instead of on what other people are experiencing. But why then does this not also apply to people in our immediate world? When our children are hungry, or are being bullied, or kidnapped, or raped, or abused – shouldn’t we then ignore them and just focus on ourselves and what we want? After all, aren’t these ‘details’ of what they are experiencing, simply the manifestation of their ‘vibrational alignment’? Don’t we ‘not have any creative control’ over what they are experiencing?

Obviously we don’t ignore the people in our own immediate lives – we care for them and make sure they don’t suffer. So why ignore the suffering of massive numbers of people in distant lands?

Could it be because those of us in a position in this world in which we are fortunate enough to have had access to education, jobs, money, can provide support to people in our immediate world, but cannot apply this same support to people in less fortunate positions because the system we are in does not make that possible?

And if Abundance is truly the direct result of our ‘vibrational alignment’, then why do Abraham-Hicks not do speaking tours in poor countries, in slums? Why do Abraham-Hicks not teach poor, starving people how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest food, homes, clothing, clean water, electricity, in their lives? Is it because everyone knows that these things are in fact only accessible with Money, in countries with a well developed Consumer system with education and jobs available? And yet at the same time Abraham-Hicks claims that if we just focus on manifesting what we want in our own lives, that those who suffer in this world will ‘learn’ how to do the same.

WTF? Isn’t the simple fact of the matter that we need a new system? One that supports everyone? Isn’t that obvious by now? Isn’t it obvious that we DO have creative control over each other’s lives, through the kind of system we all agree should exist on earth? The family system, the education system, the food production system, the labor system, the healthcare system — Because who else is responsible for the creation of the world system, but ourselves, the inhabitants of Earth?

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