Day 57: Magic Wand of Happiness

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness” 

― Esther Hicks
Read this statement carefully. Of what nature would one have to have accepted oneself to be, in order to read this statement and believe it?
Let’s first look at Happiness. What is happiness? A feeling of energy inside oneself that feels nice when, either for just a moment or in the long term, things are going your way / you’re doing something you enjoy / you are safe. Now, let’s look’s first look at when / why we experience ‘happiness’, in the context of how the above quote is using the word ‘happiness’.
Happiness in this world is generally based on having access to money / success, and relationships. Because, relationships make us feel ‘complete’ because through relationships we can fulfill our desires for sex, companionship, feeling special / significant / worthy by getting someone to tell us they love us — and money / success gives us access to safety, basic survival and comfort, and things we can buy and services / pursuits we can access to build a lifestyle we enjoy and which – makes us happy – according to what kind of lifestyle we’ve decided we like.
So, how is this individual / personal experience of happiness as the result of ‘me having relationships / money / success’, equating to ‘the greatest gift’ you can give anyone? I mean, what does this mean? What if your boss at work decided to apply the great wisdom that ‘my own happiness is the greatest gift I can give anyone’, and stopped writing your paycheck? Whoops! How would you get money to keep buying / maintaining your lifestyle that makes you happy? How would you get money to maintain / support your relationship that makes you happy? What if everyone that determines / controls when / how YOU get access to money, decided to only give you ‘their own happiness’, and you stopped receiving money? Wouldn’t you then be poor? Would you try to keep feeling happy and not try to get money? Would your happiness sustain your lifestyle and basic survival requirements? If you could no longer pay your bills, what would happen to all the great stuff you’ve bought to build the lifestyle that makes you happy? Wouldn’t you then lose your lifestyle and thus your happiness? What would you actually do with this great ‘gift’ of ‘their own happiness’ that your boss / those who control money has given you? Well, nothing. Because hello – you fucking need money to do anything in this world. And, hello – you cannot GIVE SOMEONE YOUR HAPPINESS — I mean, what, you whip out a magic wand, suck your happiness into it and spray it / infuse it magically into another person? What if that person doesn’t have money? How will they maintain that happiness EVEN IF YOU COULD GIVE IT TO THEM? How would a starving child apply the ‘great gift of happiness’ that you gave them? HELLO!! — The starving person would still die of starvation because – GASP! – they need MONEY to buy food! Therefore, to a starving child, which is the greater gift? Money to buy food? or YOU feeling HAPPY? I mean, isn’t this precisely the kind of delusion we lock people away in mental institutions for, when they’ve LOST TOUCH with REALITY?
And who are the ones believing in such statements as ‘my own happiness is the greatest gift I can give to anyone’? Obviously, it is those who already have money – because, since they have money = they can experience happiness because they can access the things they like which make them happy.
So, how did we get to this point? How did we go from ‘equal rights for all’, and ‘end world hunger‘, and ‘end poverty’, and ‘end war’, to ‘my own happiness is the greatest gift I can give anyone’?
I will walk the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment statements on this in my next post.

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