2012 – The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 1

In 2012, when I ascend into a higher vibrational existence, how will I participate in existence? How will I participate in relation to Earth, and all the beings on Earth? Will I be off in a beautiful, colorful, glowing reality, filled with a constant experience of bliss, within which I no longer see what is happening on Earth? Will I no longer see and hear about people starving, people living in poverty, animals beings abused, nature being destroyed? Will these things not matter to me? What will matter to me when I am an ascended being of light and love in the 5th dimension? What matters to me now, here on Earth, as I am still living out my current life? 

Obviously money matters, because money is what I need to buy food, water, clothes, a house, gas for my car, electricity, my internet bill, new computers, a camera, books, movies, etc, etc — money is the resource that enables me to live comfortably while I am on Earth – and isn’t it only because I am comfortable, and do not need to worry about my survival, that I am then able to focus on visualizing what my experience will be like once I ascend out of Earth into a higher vibrational existence? So – are the things that matter to me while I am living my life, right now, here on Earth: Money, and my ability to visualize and participate in experiences of light and love, higher dimensions, energy I experience within myself, colors, auras, etc? I know I tell myself and others that I am setting a good example of how humans should live, by spending my time focusing on love and light, listening to soothing music, meditating, talking about love and light, and experiencing energy within myself — but, do I really understand how to set an example of how human beings should be participating and living on Earth, when the whole starting point of my participation is waiting blissful expectation of experiencing a higher, more fun, more light and color filled reality once I ascend? I mean, isn’t the example I am setting, that human beings should spend all their time visualizing higher realities of colors, energy, bliss, starships, aliens, higher beings, glowing shapes, while at the same time repeating to each other: I love you, I love all, love is everything, all we need is love, everything is love, we are light, I am of light, light is who we really are, I am of compassion, I feel compassion and love towards everything? And, how does such a starting point of participation sort out the problems on Earth? How does such a starting point of participation ensure that the world we create is one within which any being can be born, at any time, anywhere, in an environment of total support, where no one experiences any needless suffering? Because, as a spiritual being, shouldn’t my starting point be that of doing whatever it takes to ensure that suffering and abuse and separation does not exist? And, isn’t the priority reality, the priority dimension to focus on, to participate in, to sort out, the reality, the dimension of the Physical Reality as Earth? Because, we are already here on Earth, together in the Physical — I mean, the higher dimensions I am waiting to experience, aren’t even here — I have to visualize and imagine them in my mind — but, I have been here in the Physical Reality as Earth, since I was born – even before I started participating in spirituality, even before I started visualizing love and light and higher dimensions. And, if I am truly of compassion, of love, of oneness, of care, of concern for other beings — isn’t it common sense to focus on the Physical Reality as Earth that we are all sharing, and do whatever it takes to come to a solution to end suffering and abuse on Earth, the suffering and abuse of my fellow beings here in existence? Or is my starting point that of focusing only on my own experience? Only on my own ‘outcome’ as ‘my eventual experience of higher dimensions of bliss and colors and love and light’ – where, once I have entered into my visualized higher dimensional experience when I have ascended, I will no longer need to see and hear about what exists on Earth, because I will tell myself that I have transcended Earth? How can I have transcended Earth, how can I be an example of living in oneness, living in love, living in care of all beings as my equals, as one with me, when I accept something called spirituality that defines ‘love’ and ‘oneness’ as participating here on Earth from the starting point of ‘preparing myself’ to ‘enter into a higher dimension’? Shouldn’t my starting point be that of preparing Earth, creating Earth, Structuring Earth into an environment that supports all Life?

How can I have transcended the Dimension of Earth as the Physical, when all as one as equal have not created Earth as Heaven for All? Wouldn’t we only have transcended the need to exist in a space time, Physical reality, once we are all Here, Equal and One with and As the Physical – not separate from the Physical, but existing As the Physical in Fact – wherein the Physical is Ourselves – as One Dimension — and wherein we as One Dimension All do what is Best for All? Just as in an Ocean, where all currents as ‘individualized expressions’ are Here in One Dimension as the Ocean, and All participate from the SAME starting point as doing what is best for All as the Ocean as Self? Wouldn’t a starting point of ‘ascending into a higher dimension’ wherein I am no longer participating Here in and as the Physical as Earth, indicate separation? Indicate self interest? Indicate a desire to not be Here on Earth, taking responsibility to create Heaven on Earth for All? Why would I want heaven for myself – but not heaven for All Equal? Doesn’t the very concept of ‘Heaven’ imply that suffering does not exist anywhere, that abuse does not exist anywhere? Doesn’t the very concept of Heaven imply only One Dimension within which All are Equals and One as Heaven? How can heaven exist if it is not Who we Are in fact, as All as One as Equal?

Continues in Part two, to follow.

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  1. “we are already here on Earth, together in the Physical — I mean, the higher dimensions I am waiting to experience, aren't even here — I have to visualize and imagine them in my mind”

    As far as I can see the Physical realm, as well as any higher dimensions, exist only through the interpretation of sensual impressions inside our minds. I do not really see any difference, other than perceptual and interpretational, between the physical and other dimensions.

    Just a thought in mind 🙂


  2. Yes the human being through the mind interacts with the physical through the system of senses and yes one's definitions would influence how one sees what is here. However, if you remove the human being from Earth – the Earth is still here. As it was before Humans existed on Earth. So – in speaking of the Physical – it's to consider the Substance of what is Here.

    The dimensions you see in your imagination – you'll find that if you stop participating in those pictures – they disappear. But you remain here with your Body.

    Another interesting test to verify what is real – is to stop eating and breathing, and see if you can sustain yourself by imagining eating. You'll find – that won't work, because your imagination takes place through the mind that receives it's energy from the physical body.

    The point that is really relevant though, is that as we are here in this reality, in this life, on this Earth – how are we living? Do we care about all life? Or only ourselves and the pictures we can dream up to entertain ourselves in our own heads? The people that made our clothes we're wearing, the food we're eating, the people that maintain the public utilities that power our homes, the people who maintain the internet systems that power the websites where we read about all the entertaining things we like to read — are they all just an illusion? If all other humans disappeared and it was just you here — what would you do? Could you create whatever you want? Or are you in fact existing within an interdependent relationship to others? Do you really have your own private reality? Or are you a PART of many that exist as the same Substance?


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