Equal Money is Earth Stewardship

We’ve been on Earth a long time. We even have an idea that we’re supposed to be the Stewards of the Earth. Sounds great, yes, but we obviously have not been applying ourselves as responsible Stewards. I mean, in common sense, a Steward of the Earth should do everything within it’s ability to make sure that the Earth is kept in full working order, where all parts function in equilibrium, and where every hair is counted, every being is considered, and the basic needs of all beings are met satisfactorily at all times. For example, all beings have food to eat and water to drink. That should be a big DUHHHH. But – as we all know, there are now around one BILLION human beings – yes, that’s just human beings – that are going hungry. And I mean, being that feeding ourselves as a group as Humanity as Earthlings as Beings Here on Earth that Come from the Earth and Use what the Earth Provides, and then Return to the Dust of the Earth seems like such a simple thing to achieve — how is it that we have failed at this simple, basic task of Stewardship?
The answer lies in ourselves. The answer is simple. The answer is simply that, in SPITE of being Here on the Earth, having been born of the Earth, and in SPITE of the simplicity of the common sense that since we all function exactly the SAME and require the SAME BASIC THINGS, we have simply NEVER considered each other as Equals as Beings of the Earth! Yes, we have NEVER cared about each other actually. We have NEVER loved each other. I mean, if we had, we would not have manifested the current money system of the world within which we have trapped ourselves into circumstances completely controlled by money – circumstances of extreme wealth and extreme poverty and lack, extreme luxury and extreme enslavement and deprivation and abuse – extreme polarities showing us the extreme imbalance we have created on Earth. And what is this extreme imbalance a result of? Simple – it is a result of the extreme imbalance within ourselves, as ourselves. I mean, it is really very simplistic. When we consider each other as Equals as Earthlings, Here on Earth, and make sure that the way we do things always stays within the parameters of what is in fact Best for All, where we actually as Equals take Responsibility to Give to Each other that which we All require to live with dignity and comfort and optimum functionality, instead of trying to profit off each other for the sake of having power and status and superiority – then we won’t create a system of extreme imbalance as polarity as rich and poor, abundance and lack, control and controlled, master and slave. It’s a matter of the mathematics of Self, you could say. When we accept and allow the equation of Self Interest, then we accept and allow ourselves and everyone else to accumulate a world filled with the consequences of Self Interest: greed, corruption, power, control, enslavement, abuse, violence, war, rape, negligence.

When we accept and allow ourselves to only do that which is Best for All – then we accumulate a world filled with that which is Best for All. And in that, then we are each truly as free as we can be within the context of this world, because no freedom can exist when one harms another in self interest, when you must fear that another being might harm you. No matter how much money you have – you will never be free in such a world. Freedom can only exist when All are Free as Equals, as One. This is simply Common Sense. The Equal Money system is based on this simple common sense. It is the answer to all of the world’s problems, the answer we have been waiting for. The only reason we have never implemented an Equal system before – and by Equal I mean, a system that actually is based on what is Best for ALL as EQUALS and does not accept or allow one to profit off of another, is because we have been trapped by ourselves. Trapped by our own fears and self interests within a system of fear and self interest and survival that we have manifested through, from the beginning, only considering what is best for ourselves. The time has come to consider each other as Equal with ourselves. The time has come to Love our Neighbors as Ourselves. The Time has come to become proper Stewards of the Earth who prepare the way for those to come, by cleaning up the mess of Self Interest we have accepted and allowed for thousands of years. The Equal Money system is based on simple, common sense mathematics – the logistics of how to take what is here, and re-order it in a way that is Best for All.
It’s time to realize that our scientists and mathematicians and politicians have NEVER had the answer, have missed the point of what is Best for All.
Thus, it time to open our ears and HEAR a new perspective. A perspective that is really not new, but is merely that which has been here this whole time, which we have missed because we were too busy trying to survive in the mess we made.
We’re looking at the end of the fight for survival and the dawn of a new world where happiness and comfort is possible for All Beings on Earth, where no matter where you travel on Earth, and no matter who you are, you feel at Home, and can enjoy all the comforts of Home, because we have learned how to be proper Housekeepers / Earthkeepers through taking Responsibility to work out the logistics of how to be a real Steward of the Earth, and how to put into place a new system that will support Humanity to transcend its old ways, and learn how to live as Free Equals that Honor each other as Life here on Earth.

For detailed perspective, listen to:

forum: http://desteni.co.za
equal money research and forum: http://equalmoney.org

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