Writing Myself to Freedom – why is it important?

Writing myself to freedom. This is where I write out my inner processes of thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions, desires, fears, anxieties, insecurities, perceptions, judgments — everything that I encounter within my mind as ‘experiences’ which ‘arise’, which, you could describe as ‘disturbing the silence and darkness of myself here in and as the moment of breath’.

I write out my mind so that it is not ‘chattering around’ repeatedly in my mind, so that I can see my mind before my very eyes as distinct words written / placed in a stable and constant setting, as The Physical.

And from there, I simply look at ‘who I am’ as my mind, because all I need to do is read the words…fascinating how ‘who I am’ can be placed into words and read as a book — and this book is always available to us, in fact we have authored it from the beginning of our lives, and are actually living it out as our script. Thus, it is easy to see that we are responsible for what we do / how we live which is always one and equal to who we are as the book we have written ourselves as.

The problem I had in my past, before I began writing myself to freedom, was that I was not aware that ‘who I am’ could be ‘taken responsibility for’ — because I did not have the context of understanding that ‘who I am as my mind’ as the scripted thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, desires, fantasies, fears, judgments, etc, was actually ‘existing’ only as constructs of information programmed through and as the Mind Consciousness System placed within and as me. I was believing that, for example the voice in one’s head as thoughts, is actually ‘me thinking’ — when, in fact, ‘me’ as who I really am is Here as silence, stillness, darkness in every moment – constant, and that ‘thoughts arising constantly’ in my mind, is indicating that I am actually possessed by some kind of ‘spirit’, so to speak. The ‘spirit’ as thoughts actually being the scripted ‘character’ as ‘mind entity’ which we call ‘our personality’.

Anyway, you might ask: ‘what is the value of of writing out my mind and seeing the book I have written myself as?’

Well, we need to look at what is possible to do once one begins placing one’s mind before one’s very eyes in the physical as written words.
Firstly, one has the advantage of now being able to see a clear ‘line’ of thought from start to finish – a line of information, just as in a book.
Now, as one is looking at this line of information, one has the ability to, as Myself Here as Who I Really Am as actual silence / stillness / darkness, evaluate the information that I have just taken from my mind and placed into writing. I have the ability to evaluate the information that I have accepted and allowed to exist in me as a script I am living according to. This starts with identifying the definitions / ideas / values / judgments / beliefs that form the ‘essence’ of the thought or fear or desire or reaction that has been written out as the line of information.
Identifying these ‘essential’ pieces of information is where I really get to know ‘who I am’ — because it is my accepted definitions, ideas, values, judgments, beliefs which are the basis of all my opinions and perceptions of myself, others, and my world. And each Human Being currently operates in this same way, as a walking, scripted character as ‘mind-entity’ which Self has defined self as, that experiences itself as thoughts, feelings and emotions based on specific constructs of information consisting of essential components like desires, fears, wants, fantasies, judgments – which all have their basis in the specific definitions of words we have accepted, and used to script ourselves as this mind-entity.

Beginning to identify all the specific definitions which are the basis of one’s ‘daily experience’ of thoughts, feelings and emotions within and as the mind, is the first step to being able to effectively trace this ‘mind-entity’ back to its origins — meaning, going back and identifying the specific moments within our lives where we took in a definition from someone / somewhere, and accepted it ‘as ourselves’, and began living that definition and creating ourselves using that definition as ‘who we are’.

Look at it like this – imagine you have an author who does not know he is an author. He is born with a pen in his hand and parchments to write on, but does not yet know how to write, and is not aware that he is even holding a pen or that parchments exist before him. And in order to write, he first needs a language to write in. So, his parents start teaching him, and he learns through copying what the parents tell him. They tell him: ‘this means this, that means that’, and so on. And this young author simply accepts every definition given to him because it is all ‘new’ to him and the parent has complete authority over what information is placed into this young author’s mind.
As this author begins growing up and attending school and experiencing himself within social situations, he is encountering situations for the ‘first time’, and taking in more and more information / definitions as to how he is ‘supposed to interact’ within those situations, and thus he has begun writing himself / scripting himself. All the time he is being ‘educated’, and ‘learning how to be a human being’, his hand is busy writing all this information into the ‘book of who he is’. Yet — he is not aware of this.
Fascinating how in reading this analogy – we can each see that this is in fact what takes place. Within writing yourself to freedom this becomes instantly clear.

So, long story short, this author spends years ‘becoming who he is’ — and this is done through scripting, writing himself as a book utilizing all the definitions he is learning as he goes along.

This book of ourselves includes chapters – such as ‘young child’, ‘adolescence’, ‘adulthood’, etc. And within each chapter are specific stories / ‘anecdotes’, ‘memoirs’ as the events and experiences which have shaped who we have become through influencing the specific patterns we have developed / scripted ourselves as. For example, a young child with abusive parents who repeatedly would hit the child if he spoke ‘without being told to speak’, and who does not understand that his parents’ behavior is in fact equal and one to their accepted and allowed script / book of themselves shaped by their own past experience of being hit in the same scenario as a young child by their own parents, will, because he doesn’t know better, take this behavior personally and create the belief / idea / definition of himself that he is ‘not supposed to speak without being told to speak’, and this experience will be placed as information into himself as a memory along with any accompanying emotional reaction such as fear, and will thus influence how he experiences himself in relation to speaking. And this will have an effect on how he participates with other beings in school or work for example — where, he may repeatedly suppress himself around others in subconscious fear of being hit, which could result in compounded frustration and feelings of inferiority / worthlessness / powerlessness, which then could eventually lead to him hitting his own children to ‘discipline’ them to ‘not speak unless he tells them to’, because in this way he is coming full circle with his own past and apparently ‘taking back’ the power he gave away when he began suppressing himself after being hit by his own parents.

So, with this example we can see how, in scripting ourselves in unawareness – where we are not aware that we are taking information into ourselves and constructing patterns using this information, and then completely defining ourselves according to this information – as in the example of the boy being hit as a child and going on to hit his own child later in life, we are in fact binding / enslaving ourselves to the past, accepting ourselves to be nothing more than the inner experiences and behavior that has been scripted as self-programming according to the particular circumstances and experiences of our life.

So, we can actually see that Human Beings currently are all writing themselves as books which are part of the genre, ‘the sins of the father’. Where the ‘sin’ could be defined as ourselves as Who we really are as Life not being given the chance or opportunity or support to develop and flourish effectively in innocence from birth. Rather we are immediately turned into a clone of those who’ve come before us, accepting the definitions given to us and doomed to develop the same emotional / behavioral patterns of those who came before us, influenced by experiences that we don’t understand how to effectively support ourselves through. This is the abuse of Life.

Therefore — how can any Human Being in this world as it exists, in this world system / family system / education system as it exists, truly develop self expression when ‘expression’ has, from a young age been defined to exist as that which is ‘comfortable and does not trigger reactions / memories / emotions’, limited within the parameters of one’s behavioral patterns which have been shaped by events and experiences which we have allowed to program us? Unacceptable! We are currently all slaves to the past! But are we actually doomed to re-write ourselves as the same history books over and over, generation after generation, perpetuating this enslavement into eternity?

Gratefully, no.

Because, just as we have allowed ourselves to be programmed, and written the book of ourselves in unawareness, we are able to become aware of the book of ourselves, each page, each line of information, each word, each definition – and we can start assisting and supporting ourselves to free ourselves from the chains / patterns of the past. We can assist and support ourselves to stop existing as limited mind-entity that only participates in this world within the limitations / parameters of the patterns it functions as.
We can give back to ourselves the innocence we gave away as children, and we can stand New, Fresh — able to look upon the world unencumbered / uninfluenced by ‘history’. And, actually in this, we are able to more clearly see and understand our history, and how we have come to create our world as it exists, create ourselves as we exist as Human Beings. Because, when one is in this world of Humanity’s existing accepted definitions, yet not ‘of’ this world of Humanity’s existing accepted definitions, one is ‘free’ to evaluate what is here, not as a product / clone of what is here that would merely observe the world through the eyes of its accepted programming based in the past which was passed-on — but as a participant, one who is simply here as Self – Self as All as One as Equal Here in this Physical Reality called Earth.
Writing myself to freedom, is a process of studying the ‘book of myself’ as my accepted programming / self-scripting which was begun from a young age, identifying the information I am currently living ‘as who I am’, evaluating how this information has influenced / shaped my behavior / participation / experience of myself within my world, and then through Self Honesty coming to clarity with regard to what actually supports me in living and expressing me, and what only supports me to remain enslaved to the past and defined within limited patterns based on environmental programming.
Within this, I then apply Self Forgiveness as the expression of no longer accepting or allowing myself to exist defined by the past, thus enabling myself to be free of the past through releasing myself from the ‘book binding’, so to speak. I am then free to determine who and what I will accept and allow myself to be, here in this world with all that are here with me.

However within this, there enters the point of evaluating what Principle will I stand by within deciding who and what I will accept and allow myself to be?

What I have discovered within my process of writing myself to freedom, is that what I do in this world, how I participate, what I speak, how I interact with other beings, is always One and Equal to Who I Am.
And, within writing myself to freedom, I can always see exactly where / from whom I’ve ‘gotten’ the information as definitions which shape ‘who I am’, and thus ‘what I do’.

But how does one decide what to do with this information? How does one change? What changes are necessary / supportive to make?

Well, when one looks at the behavior / participation of Human Beings as it exists in this world, which is together / collectively creating the entire ‘world stage’ with its daily events, incidents, ‘goings on’ and circumstances, one can see that this behavior is One and Equal to an accepted ‘Self’ as ‘who we are’, that is not taking into consideration what is actually Best for All Here on Earth.

We can see that we as Humanity is collectively merely operating as clones of the past, repeating and compounding the same basic events and behavior that we have always participated in. There is war, there is poverty, there is hunger, there is violence, there is people controlling and being controlled, there is greed, there is fear, there is religion, there is conflict of beliefs and opinions, there is people trying to figure out solutions to the world’s problems, there is products being made and bought, there is the using of nature and animals to fuel the requirements for production within our economic systems — It is strange because Humanity is acting as if we are in a world that we did not make, constantly trying to ‘discover ways to improve’ and ‘streamline’, but completely operating within the parameters of a system that in itself is not changing at all — the population is growing, and more technology is being produced, but no problem is being solved, and no one is coming to any awareness of anything beyond the same definitions that have been passed on generation after generation, merely adjusted according to the ‘shifting picture’ of the world which gives the perception that we are ‘advancing’ and ‘evolving’ as Humanity, when in fact we are merely adding more and more pages daily to the exact same book with the exact same chapters, same characters, same plot line, same character development, same endings — where each person’s life becomes just another anecdote / story added to the perpetual book we began writing long ago, which is still bound in the exact same binding it has always been bound in, and we are still continuing to write the same problems, and trying to figure them out the same way we have always done, never getting anywhere, never changing anything, never expanding as Human Beings, never learning our lessons, never making this world a better place at all!!
What a MESS!

How do we decide what change is required? Within writing oneself to freedom – how does one know what to do with the information within oneself one is becoming aware of?
The point that one immediately sees, is that this information has merely come from someone else, and we have accepted it into ourselves, as ourselves, and used it to define ourselves / script ourselves. We make it ‘who we are’, and then we act this out as our daily accepted participation in this world.

Thus, what is required to be done to change this world — is to change ourselves. And this is done through changing who we are according to Principle as guideline, that always shows clearly what is Best for Ourselves. What is best for ourselves, is if we all do what is best for ALL. Because, we are All Here in the same Place, the same Time and Space, the same Physical Reality – and we are the ones creating / perpetuating the way this world is, through how we are creating / perpetuating ourselves.

Thus, as a practical example, as a parent – what is best for All, would be to effectively release oneself from the past through Self Forgiveness, and make sure that before one brings a child into this world, one is not going to program your child according to how YOU yourself were programmed in unawareness — because then you would be passing on the past to a new generation, who will then grow up and pass it on again — which is exactly what needs to STOP, as we can see that that which we are passing on, is not able to be lived in a way that is best for all. The knowledge as definitions as ‘way of life’ that we are passing on to our children, supports them to remain within unawareness of themselves, and within complete acceptance of the world as it currently exist.
What is required to be done is to release ourselves from the past, and learn to support ourselves to live in a way where we are honoring Life, where our daily actions will, if accumulated for eternity – will always accumulate what is best for all. In comparison with the actions daily lived by Humanity currently, which daily accumulate a world of absolute abuse and atrocity.
When we have freed ourselves from this abusive self programming, we are then able to support another being to learn to support themselves within Self Awareness, Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, so that they are not allowing themselves to be influenced by definitions that do not stand in support of what is Best for All.

To re-write our world as Heaven on Earth — we must each re-write ourselves as a being whose actions will accumulate Heaven on Earth. We must make sure that who we accept and allow ourselves to be, stands infinitely as what is best for all – not supporting the starting point currently accepted by Humanity, which is the basis of the vast abuse this world exist as.

Writing oneself to freedom is a valuable self tool, because I am taking my mind as information, and placing it before myself in written words, where then the point of Self Honesty reveals itself clearly, and the more specific I write myself out and identify each component of myself as ‘a living book’, the more clear my self responsibility becomes, and the more clear the required self-change becomes.

Writing Self to Freedom, is important in this world — because, as we are writing ourselves to freedom, and showing in our words how in specificity we are breaking the chains of the past, and changing ourselves in a way that is best for All, where our actions now clearly can be seen to be one and equal to a starting point that considers All Life, we are standing as the examples of Human Beings that are actually changing.

When one begins writing oneself to freedom, one will find that it immediately becomes obvious when one attempts to hide / conceal information from oneself within not wanting to face what self actually is accepting and allowing. When one reaches a point that is difficult to face — one will either face it, write it out, and take responsibility and walk the point through to self-change, and be free of the past — or one will attempt to hide the point and not take responsibility for who self in fact is, and this will then stop one from being able to write oneself fully to freedom, because one will be trying to avoid the point which must be faced. When one is unwilling to take responsibility for even one point, one definition, one pattern that self has accepted and allowed, it becomes impossible to free oneself, and one’s writing will not progress effectively, because one will not be moving ‘forward’ — because of the one point which one insists on binding oneself to.

Thus, writing oneself to freedom is an extremely valuable tool in that it always gives a ‘stable, physical mirror’ in which one can see the truth of oneself laid out before your eyes, where your mind need not possess you, but can flow out into writing, to then be taken responsibility for effectively through directing the information with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, and re-scripting the Book of Self, in a way that considers Self as All Life.

Writing oneself to freedom, shows that one is holding oneself accountable for who one accepts oneself to be. The absence of self-writing, indicates that one’s entire mind as allll the information passed on from others as a product of this world as it exists, is being held onto as self definition – not being taken responsibility for. Therefore, this will be a point to look for when one is evaluating future world leaders; it will be immediately apparent who stands as a copy of the past as a character scripted in unawareness, and who stands for a new world that is best for all that actually takes Life into consideration. It’s all in the words — and our words create worlds.

Join Desteni I Process where we are making sure our words as who we are, create a world that is best for all.



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