Self Interest, Separation and Capitalism

An Equal Money System, in removing capitalism and establishing a new way of life with a system that is best for All, within which we are all standing at an equal ‘level of life’ within the system, will enable each to begin facing the truth of themselves and the reality of our responsibility which we neglected when we were too ‘busy’ being consumers and designing our lives of self interest, to give attention to the real matters at hand in this world as the suffering endured by countless beings as the consequence of our accepted and allowed separation from ourselves as all as one as equal — which we all allowed and never really questioned because we valued our own self interest instead of valuing all Life as Ourselves, and believed we had the ‘right’ to consider only ourselves, and accepted the media’s / consumerism’s portrayal of ‘life’ as a ‘pursuit of lifestyle’ — when it is obvious that this ‘right’ is just make believe designed in the desire to escape and hide from our responsibility — a ‘right’ that is justified through various so called ‘explanations’ such as ‘god’, ‘evolution’, ‘nature’, etc — all of which are not actually ‘answers’ to ‘why’ we are ‘who we are’ — we all know who we are and see what we do, we just want an easy answer that tells us it is ‘okay’ to continue being who we are and doing what we’re doing, because we don’t want to face the responsibility that comes with considering that we ourselves are the only ones here which implies we are in essence ‘god’ and have created everything. 

Capitalism requires humans to exist within self interest only — so that the corporations can continue to manipulate people’s self interest to capitalize on manufactured desires, dreams, hopes, self definitions, ideals and values which are catered to with the creation of endless products for people to become obsessed with, so that the few can continue to have control through control of money, and the masses remain mere robots that do whatever it takes to make money to be able to ‘buy stuff’ to apparently ‘have a life’.  Products which are actually the product of humans’ accepted and allowed self definitions, values, desires, dreams, wants, tastes which have been introduced over time by those with the understanding of how to manipulate human self interest to make a profit. 

.The consumer way of life can only exist when humans exist in self interest.

If we were all acting in the best interest of All, capitalism would instantly be abolished and everyone would make sure everyone Equally has a Life of Quality.
The Equal Money system will do precisely this – abolish capitalism and the ‘consumer’ way of ‘life’, and give everyone a Life of Equal Quality. 

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