3 young children die in georgia meth-lab


Here 3 young children, ranging in age from 18 months to 4 years died from the injuries they sustained when chemicals used to make methamphetamine ignited in their home.

“Investigators  found nearly $200,000 and several pounds of liquid and finished methamphetamine”.

The children’s mother and another man have been charged with drug trafficking and murder.

Events similar to this take place frequently within our current economic system. And what is the cause?
The people who make the drug do it because they can make money doing it. And why do they resort to the dangerous process of manufacturing methamphetamine in their house? Is is because they chose to? Is it because making and selling drugs is the highest experience of life they could imagine for themselves, and they are simply using their so-called ‘free choice’ within our so-called ‘free society’ to ‘choose’ to live that way? Are they just ‘bad people’? Are they just ‘criminals’ that deserve to be locked up? Are they to blame?

Obviously not. This is merely one of the atrocities that is created when inequality is the starting point of the system that is supposed to function as a support structure for the beings living here on Earth. Instead of supporting each person from birth to live an effective and safe life – which is entirely possible when you look at the extent of technological development and our capacity to implement vast infrastructure throughout the entire planet, support is placed as a ‘goal’ you must ‘achieve’ through finding some way to ‘earn money’. And obviously what is not considered within this is that in order to earn money legally, you must ensure that you , from the beginning, have access to every step required to prepare you / educate you / shape you / mold you to be capable of taking a legal place within the system as a ‘job’ to be able to earn money through one of the accepted. When one is born into a circumstance of lack within an environment of little income, and from the beginning sees and experiences oneself at the ‘bottom of the ladder’, it can be virtually impossible to take all the practical steps necessary to gain access to education and training that will enable one to take up a ‘proper job’ that will provide a sufficient income to support oneself – because all that in itself requires money. So, you require money before you can afford to learn how to make money. Absolute nonsense.

And within this, when someone resorts to crime to make money, the stance that is taken toward the ‘criminal’ is usually that of ‘they made a bad choice’ — but this is actually very spiteful, because if you were to actually place yourself in the shoes of the people who commit these ‘crimes’, you will find that all they are doing is trying to find the easiest, fastest way of making money — because they need money to fucking survive, let alone do anything else. Common Sense is that you will find the easiest, fastest way to survive. What is not Common Sense is a system that makes survival into a blood sport where everyone is ‘tossed into the ring’ and according to their genetic, financial, and geographic predisposition / advantage, will end up achieving varying degrees of ‘victory’ as survival.

With an Equal Money system, everyone occupies an Equally ‘advantageous’ spot within the world – and thus, ‘advantage’ and ‘disadvantage’ ceases to exist. Thus, there is no more ‘bottom of the ladder’ and ‘top of the ladder’, everyone has equal access to the practical support required to develop effectively as a participant here on Earth that can make real choices instead of being forced into corners and faced with the decision of whether or not to commit a ‘crime’ to ensure one’s survival.

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